provides answers to these questions. Bodybuilding is not only a popular sport, but a way of life for many men. Regular workouts in the gym, a balanced protein-rich nutrition and high quality steroids of the last generation – that coveted 3 steps towards the figure of Your dreams. With training and nutrition it's simple, qualitative and pharmacology entrust our store. What is a steroids? This is a group of pharmacological agents that mimic the composition of the action of the male sex hormone testosterone. As a result of taking speed up the production of protein in cells, which leads to a significant increase in muscle mass. It should be noted that for many athletes the concept of "steroids" and "anabolics" are synonyms, because the word "anabolic" in the Greek means "to increase". Why the order anabolic steroids? On the human body steroids or anabolic steroids are in 2 areas: anabolic and androgenic. The manifestation of anabolic activity: Gain 5-10 pounds of muscle in a month A significant increase in power performance Productivity growth and endurance The marked increase in blood the number of red blood cells Noticeable strengthening of bone tissue A significant reduction in body fat How is this all achieved? First of all Oral steroids contribute to a significant acceleration of protein synthesis in the muscle, resulting in less time the body needs to recover. In addition, markedly reduced the effects of catabolic hormones on the body, due to the change of balance in the direction of the growth of muscle cells the number of fat cells decreases. The breakdown of fat occurs due to the acceleration of the reactions of metabolism. Because, unlike anabolic, androgenic activity has a negative impact on the condition of the body in General, constantly works on the development of buy steroids with minimal androgenic activity. To know the ratio of anabolic and androgenic activity of the drug allows the anabolic index – the higher it is, the safer the drug. All our products have minimal androgenic activity, and subject dosages are absolutely safe for.

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